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Dr. phil. hab.. Psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, independent psychoanalytic practice (children, adolescents and adults), lecturer in psychoanalysis at the Institute for Music Therapy (University of Music and Theatre), University of Hamburg. Aff. Member of DPV / IPA. Author of Versuch über das Okkulte (Ed. Diskord, 2001); Namenlos: Geistig Behinderte verstehen. Beiträge zur Integration (Belz, 2003); Szene und Containment. Wilfred Bion und Alfred Lorenzer: Ein fiktiver Dialog (Tectum-Verlag, 2008).

German-English translation problems

In his paper on Alfred Lorenzer [1], Tobias Vollstedt uses the expression « scenical comprehension » to translate the German « szenisches Verstehen« . I feel that this translation might lead to misunderstandings, for two reasons:

1) The word « scenical » in English is closely connected with associations of pittoresque landscapes etc. The German association of « putting on stage » is only vaguely addressed by the word « scenical », the meaning « drawing attention to sth. » not at all. (The same applies to « scenic understanding », a term which has also been used to translate « szenisches Verstehen« .)

2) The word « comprehension » appears awkward, in that it is hardly ever used in connection with psychoanalytic practise – we do not « comprehend » our patients but we understand them. […]
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